Northeastern University Courses

HIST 1100 Law and History

HIST/JWSS 1294 Jews in the Modern World

HIST1232 History of Boston https://historyofboston.cssh.northeastern.edu/

HIST 2430 Digital Histories of Ethnic Boston

HIST 1286 History of the Soviet Union

JWSS/PHIL 1285 Jewish Religion and Culture


Past Courses (Boston University)

CAS CC 112 Religion and the Roots of Community  (course coordinator)

CAS CC 201 Religion and Secularism

CAS HI102 The Emergence of Modern Europe: Renaissance to the Present

CAS HI200 The Historian’s Craft

CAS HI219 Jews in the Modern World

CAS HI273 Russia and Its Empires since 1900/History of the Soviet Union

CAS HI275 History of the Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe

CAS HI295 Religious Controversies and the Law

CAS HI 341 Political and Cultural Revolutions

CAS HI388/RN332 Foundations of Modern Jewish Politics

CAS HI446 Revolutionary Russia

CAS HI450 Topics in Popular Culture (Ritual Murder and Other Myths of Jewish Conspiracy)

CAS HI510 Topics in Legal History (Global History of Tolerance)

CAS HI552 Topics in Modern Jewish History (Modern Jewish Politics; Jews and Empire)

CAS HI719 Readings in European History (History and Theories of Nationalism)